July 27, 2006

It came from Mike Mignolia!!!

Seriously, a show about a mechanical screw-on head fighting evil during the time of Abraham Lincoln, and it's from the twisted mind of Mike Minolia, who brought the world Hellboy? And the lead character is voiced by Paul Giamatti and the main villian is David Hyde Pearce (Niles, of Frasier fame). And it's a comedy? How can we possibly go wrong?

Here's the link to the Sci-Fi channel's full pilot episode. Go and enjoy some Emperor Zombie goodness. It's creamy, like nougat.


Noumena said...

Wow. That's Aqua Teen levels of surreal.

Is this airing regularly? I may have to actually figure out what station scifi is here.

MosBen said...

Not to nitpick...well, yeah, to nitpick...it's Mike Mignola, not Mignolia. Sounds cool though!

MosBen said...

Wow, that pilot was really really good. I would absolutely watch that show and told them so in the survey. Everyone should watch the show and then take the survey.