July 18, 2006

A full day's supply of Vitamin C

The first season of Boondocks comes out on DVD one week from today. This first season was, I think, the best show produced for Adult Swim yet. I'm glad Aaron McGruder was able to find a network that gave him this level of freedom; I'd hate to think of what kind of mediocre piece of crap Fox, say, would've forced him into making.

Second, M Night Shyamalan's movies are objectively stupid. Don't go see Lady in the Water; you already know that it will be incredibly tedious and uneventful, and the inevitable twist will make you want to kick yourself in the face. Unless, of course, you're quite clear-headed, in which case you will want to kick M Night Shyamalan in the face.

Third, it appears the DVD release of Arrested Development season 3 has been pushed back to the end of August. I believe there are execs at Fox who simply enjoy inflicting suffering on those of us who actually enjoy good teevee.

Finally, if someone wanted to buy me the Kurosawa samurai boxed set, I would probably be their friend. (Though it doesn't have Rashomon. WTF?)


MosBen said...

Supposedly Lady In The Lake doesn't have a twist. Still, I don't trust M. Night after Signs and The Village.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure I'd call Rashomon a samurai movie, per se.

Buy Cialis said...

I totally agree with you, the first season was awesome, a lot of great dramas and great surprises, I downloaded the entire season.