July 10, 2006

Monday link dump

Cleaning out the 'To blog' folder on my browser's link bar:

Pandagon: Why don’t grown-ups believe in Santa Claus?

Chronicle of Higher Ed: Jesus is not a Republican.

Panda's Thumb: Target? TARGET? We don't need no stinkin' Target!, a nice introduction to genetic algorithms.

Majikthise: Massive white collar crime and the death penalty. The death penalty is classist, and ergo racist.

Alas, a blog: The real you vs A new creation. Structuralist and Christian notions of personal identity dovetail in interesting ways.

Feministe: Jill gives a nice summary/fisking of this piece from the NY Times.

Powells: Martha Nussbaum's review of Harvey Mansfield's Manliness. (Bonus: Mansfield on the Colbert Report.)

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