February 09, 2007

Fair Enough

Edwards isn't going to fire his bloggers, but I wish he would have come out swinging at the hypocrites who started this mess. And I'm not afraid to say it, Bill Donohue is a bad man.


Unknown said...

In the end, Edwards is doing the right thing by standing by his bloggers. But I'm not entirely thrilled with how the whole thing went down. I mean, to fire the bloggers and then rehire them? It looks weak and indecisive to me.

Of course, I have to wonder who the hell the Edwards staffers are who are telling talking to the press about how indecisive the campaign was. Those are the people who should be fired. If you're working on a campaign, you presumably want that candidate to win. I mean, you've worked on a campaign, Ben. Did you want your guy to win? So why would you talk to the press about situations that portray your candidate in a negative light? Why?

Noumena said...

I wonder if the following isn't (roughly) what went happened.

- Bill Donohue et al find out Edwards has hired Amanda and Shakes, throw a collective fit. Edwards campaign ignores the fit, thinking it's best to let the spoiled child cry out the tantrum.

- But they don't cry themselves out, and their whining ends up in the NYT. Suddenly mainstream journalists start calling the Edwards campaign, asking whether or not the bloggers will be fired.

- Some inexperienced, low-level staffer fucks up, uses a few ill-advised turns of phrase when he or she answers the phone, and mainstream journalists start reporting that the bloggers have been fired. No, the Edwards campaign doesn't know what to do yet. No, they have been fired, but they might get rehired. Or something.

- The man at the top decides it's finally time for him to get involved. We get some placating hand-waving about how he found the blogs personally offensive but wasn't going to fire them, and a half-assed threat that he's not going to tolerate further attempts to hijack the discussion. Considering that Edwards appears to still be in the `pander to everyone!' Democratic mindset, these are actually fairly strong words.

Noumena said...

'What went happened'? Jesus. Evidently the proofreading-enabling properties of my morning caffeine have yet to manifest today.