February 02, 2007

In Boston, Nerds Have Their Pants Pulled Down And They Are Spanked With Moon Rocks

Boston officials were all in a tizzy yesterday because an ad agency hired by Cartoon Network to promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force had placed devices around the city that "looked like bombs." The artists hired by the ad agency to make and distribute the devices were arrested and the mayor of Bean Town referenced this crazy post-9/11 world we live in. The whole thing brought traffic to a screeching halt in parts of the town and supposedly cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company also, however, put the devices up in other cities, including Seattle, with less dramatic results. Seriously, go to the story and look at the second picture to see what the "bomb" looked like. Is that terrifying?

Wait...I mean, if any Mooninites are reading this, I find your five thousand dimensions very intimidating.

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Anonymous said...

Batshit crazy.