February 07, 2007

Stay Tuned, True Believers!

Stan "The Man" Lee's going to appear in the 2/19 episode of Heroes! My guess is it's just a background role, but I love to see him in anything. Link.

Here's a very interesting question and answer session on Heroes. I found this bit particularly interesting:

"We're trying to keep this somewhat PG here, so we'll have to skip your
question! OK, last week after you threw out the name “Gabriel” as a name worth
looking into, it got our thinking caps spinning, as well as reader Erica, who
was traveling the same road with us. Gabriel, like Hana, Isaac, Matthew, Micah,
Nathan, Peter and Sarah are all from the Judeo Christian bible. Pretty much
every super powered individual has such a name. Now, Claire's adopted and does
not have a biblical name, but we're thinking that's not necessarily the name she
was born with. We're not sure where Jessica and Nicole derive their names from
biblically and Erica reminded us we don't know what DL is short for, but she
posited "David" as a likely first name. Of course, with Hiro and Mohinder not
being westerners, the rule doesn't necessarily apply to them.

(You know that gesture where you put your finger on your nose to insinuate someone just hit something on the nose? We're doing that. Right now. To Erica. Just to be clear – we don't think she smells.) Erica, we hope you feel that all your time in Sunday School and/or Hebrew school was not wasted. But we worry it may have eaten into you movie time in the ‘80s. Because if you watched the classic movie “The
Breakfast Club”, you would understand the true origin of the name Claire. It's a
fat girls name. "

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