February 03, 2007

How did giraffe necks evolve?

If you know a little bit about natural selection, you probably think it's because having a long neck enables giraffes to get food other grazers cannot. And you would be right. But you'd be non-trivially right, because, as you also know if you know a little bit more about natural selection, sexual selection (where the females choose the males with the best example of outrageous feature X) can be just as good an explanation as biological fitness.

So go read about the evolution of giraffe necks already. Via Evolving thoughts, which is in the midst of a really cool multi-post saga about Darwin's idea of `species'. This is absolutely fascinating if you're a HOPOS (History Of Philosophy Of Science) nehd like me.


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Nature is perfect in all the things that creates, giraffes in this case are extraordinary animals, it is really a mystery how they evolved in that way.

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for me evolution does not seem right, if we are truly evolve why monkey is still monkey ?/
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