February 06, 2007

Why Bloggers Won't Leave Joe Klein Alone

Atrios and other bloggers around the net have spent a lot of posts recently picking on Joe Klein. Though it might be obvious to politico nerds like myself who spend lots of time reading about this, most bloggers haven't spent the time to properly explain why they're angry and why at Joe Klein. Well, here's a good post where my friend across the Delaware River does just that.

The real problem with people like Klein, and unfortunately it seems Hilary and John are in the same group, is that they seem to think the "My bad dawg" principle applies to national politics. They've all admitted that they made a bad call back in '03, but don't seem to think anything should be affected by that. Back at the start of the war it was perfectly acceptable to ignor the Left. After all, we were all just crazy hippies that hated all wars, so our arguments againt this particular was were obviously unserious. We were, of course, completely right about everything. Despite all that's happened in the past four years, where is Klein on Iran? Is he coming out swinging against any other attempts by the Bush Administration to engage in military adventures in the Middle East? Is he apologizing for ignoring the people who were right both then and now? Is he using his position as "liberal commentator" in both print and television media to articulate a liberal position which has a pretty good track record over the last several years? Of course not, he's much more interested in painting liberals who are angry with him as crazed lunitics.

Update: Ha ha! I beat Ezra to the punch, but, well, his post is a bit better.

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