March 09, 2007

Speaking Of Watchmen

Evidently hidden in the internet trailer for 300 is a test image of Rorshach for the upcoming film adaptation of Alan Moore's masterpiece. Zach Snyder is directing both movies. It's hard to restrain the nerd inside me's excitement when stuff like this is acually being produced and released to the public. I know, I know, it's just a test image and this attempt at filming the comic could be just as doomed as every other verion talked about over the last several years. Still, awesome.

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Jason said...

There really is not much to the image but I think that it is just about the coolest thing out there.

Somebody on IMDB is adamant about Doug Hutchinson (Percy the weasel guard in The Green Mile) playing Rorschach. By looking at his picture I agree with him 100%. He has the right look, the right size, the right persona. Zach Snyder needs to get on this today.