May 15, 2007

Heroes Expanded

Looks like they're planning on exanding the Heroes season by six episodes...kind of. After the season finale has aired NBC will begin showing a six episode series of standalone episodes focusing on the origins of six new characters. At the end the viewers will be able to vote and one of the six characters will join the cast proper. Interesting idea.


Noumena said...

It's an interesting idea and, as far as I know, novel for television in several respects. We have a spin-off series which is only a half-dozen episodes long. And that spin-off is set in the same universe, but presumably (hopefully!) will not involve any of the current characters. And will presumably (hopefully!) not involve an ongoing story.

I'm a bit worried about adding more characters to the show, however. Even with a few more deaths next week, Season 2 will be starting with a primary cast of probably about eight characters. Of the two major complaints I have against this first season, one is the frustratingly slow pace required by having over a dozen major characters. Eight could work well, but not, I think, any more.

MosBen said...

Well, a big part of the trouble with the big cast in the first season was trying to establish them all and get them moving foreward in the story. Presumably the miniseries gets the new character established and moving before the second season starts, and we also won't have to put up with much of that with the main cast as they're already going.

I just really hope the main characters are kept together after whatever happens Monday and not left to wander out on their own, only to be drawn back together for Season 2.

Noumena said...

You're right in part. But how much screen time was wasted on Nikki/Jessica doing nothing very interesting, or doing something only to have it undone the next episode? (The one episode she spent in prison being a great example.) The problem wasn't placing the character in the proper context; the problem was that the character herself (and her accessories, DL and Micah) are almost entirely irrelevant to the larger plot and uninteresting, yet are given an enormous amount of screen time.

A smaller cast next season means the writers won't be able to kill time for seven episodes by having each major character do something kind of interesting for five minutes. They'll have to actually advance the plot every episode. And, the flip side of the same coin, they won't have to sacrifice advancing the plot in order to give every character their five minutes of screen time.