May 02, 2007

If Only Every Episode Had A Digital Clock On The Screen

So things don't look good for Studio 60. It *is* coming back to finish it's season, but that's not very surprising as the studio already paid for the final episodes of the season to be produced. It's also getting a really sweet time spot on Thursday nights when ER normally airs. What's that you say? NBC is cancelling/moving ER to make way for Studio 60? If only it were so. No, Studio 60 is going to get that time spot after spring sweeps are over, after ER has finished its season, and after NBC has already announced it's Fall lineup. That's pretty much that, folks. As much as I think a better timeslot would help the show, there's nothing good about this announcement. Hopefully the DVD set will have awesome special features.

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Unknown said...

I can't dispute anything you've said here, Ben. And yet, I choose to live in hope.