May 27, 2007

Review of Pirates of the Carribean at world's end

This is exactly the piece of crap you expected the original Pirates to be when you heard it was being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It features far too many explosions, a convoluted plot whose boring and often pointless development takes up half of the nearly three-hour running time, and some of the most stupid and pointless uses of CGI I've ever seen. I recommend you not even waste your time watching it on DVD. I'm not even going to waste time ranting in detail about the stupid Calypso thing that drives a huge chunk of the plot before running into a dead-end, gets dropped, and is never picked up again.

On a more positive note, Naomie Harris is definitely an actor to keep an eye on.


Anonymous said... - Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Unknown said...

Hey, isn't Caribbean a proper noun? Even the French would have capitalized it in that title, as with "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain".

Noumena said...

that wasn't my iconoclastic capitalisation scheme, that was a typo

Unknown said...

Oh, fair enough. So what's the story on your, as you say, iconoclastic capitalization scheme? And why is it you always insist on using UK spellings, while we're on the subject?

Noumena said...

linguistic subversion