May 15, 2007

Speaking Of Zombies

While Noumena may consider 28 Days Later the best zombie movie of the last several years, my heart belongs to Shawn of the Dead. How those guys were able to make a movie that spoofed zombie movies while being itself a really good zombie movie blows my feeble Yank mind. Well, they've done it again with Hot Fuzz. There's not a scene in the whole movie without at least a chuckle, and several that just start with a hearty laugh and don't stop. Is this Shakespeare? No, this is a buddy cop movie. It's got all the pieces including the schmaltzey, "Why I became a cop." scene, but it's brilliant. I'll watch anything these guys put out.


Reel Fanatic said...

After seeing "Hot Fuzz" twice now in the theater, I have to agree with you .. these three dudes are just about the funniest people in the whole wide world

Noumena said...

I said `one of the best', not `the best'. Shaun of the dead is also on the top of that list.

MosBen said...

Fair enough, sir.