May 08, 2007

NHL Playoffs: Round 3

So I got 3 of 4 picks right. Really though, I didn't pick the Devils to win so much as really really wanted them to and gave a prescription for them to do so. They had to shut down the top Ottawa line. They didn't do that, so they lost.

So here we are, the Conference Finals! All the riff raff is playing golf and we're down to four solid teams.

Detroit v. Anaheim
Ottawa v. Buffalo

Honestly, anyone can win at this point. Anaheim's had a few more days of rest than Detroit, but Detroit may be the better team on paper. Anaheim's goalie situation was a little rocky in the second half of the season, but the Dominator's legs could fall off at any moment. While both teams have dynamite offenses, I think the edge has to go to Anaheim's All-Star defensive teams. Even past Neidermyer and Pronger they've got lots of tough guys that can move the puck well.

Ottawa has got to be considered the worst team still playing. They've got that wicked top line, but I still don't think they've got enough depth. Buffalo, on the other hand, has got to be considered the strongest team playing. I think they're the safe pick, but as with Jersey in the last round, they really can't let Ottawa's scorers get away from them. He's a great goalie, but Miller is no Brodeur and he won't win games at this level on his own.

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