June 05, 2006

Best. Darth. Vader. Ever. Seriously, on top of having the most authentic Darth Vader costume I've evern seen *AND* being the right height (It's hard to see in this picture, but he's around 6'4", maybe a bit taller), this guy had one of those little Imperial administrative guys going around everywhere in front of him, clearing a way through the crowd and announcing the dark lord's presence. I don't know what happened to that guy when they got most of the Imperials together for this picture though...maybe he had paper work or something.  Posted by Picasa


Emperor Nerd said...

Now that is dedication to a gimmick. They could probably make a killing working birthday parties.

MosBen said...

There are battalions of storm toopers around the country that do appearances at places. There's on based in Seattle that's been mentioned on Penny Arcade and who I think performed with Weird Al once when he was in the area. I can't remember their name though.