June 25, 2006

I'm not dead yet

Emphasis on that 'yet'. Seriously, though, I've just gotten a bit bogged down. Aquinas and Scotus, you see, are some damn esoteric thinkers, and I ended up doing precisely what I had earlier decided I would not do: read and re-read both primary and secondary texts endlessly, running in mental circles and mostly just getting myself incredibly frustrated.

But then, after a week in which I'd only covered about 200 pages of primary texts, I finally woke up and moved on. Descartes will be forthcoming, and right now I'm working on Hobbes. In the meantime, Astarte reads The Escapist, too, and this Chron reporter is riding across the country. On a bike. That is, a bicycle. That is, human-powered; him-powered, to be specific. Not even I am that crazy -- yet.

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