June 13, 2006

Jamie and three attractive women who were giving out information for god knows what. There weren't a lot of what I would call "booth babes" at the show. As far as I can remember, there were just these ladies, the ones at the Spike TV booth/fake apartment (I have no idea why they built a fake apartment. It was elevated above the show floor and though nobody could see into it, it didn't look like anyone was even in there), and that one lady that wouldn't let me take her picture unless I paid her. I've decided that she feared the loss of her soul to my camera and decided that fair compensation was in order. Anyway, there's Pimp Jamie in all his glory! Posted by Picasa


Jason said...

I am so pissed that I was not there for this picture. Of course I was there for all the pictures with the fat smelly dudes in costume but an opportunity to have a picture with some hot chicks and noooooo I was off looking for somethink geeky. This is the hell that is my life.

Drew said...

Speaking as Jamie's attorney, I must insist that you take down this picture at once, as it will undoubtedly be entered into evidence at Jamie's upcoming trial. This photo was snapped moments before the incident in question, after all.

I tried to explain to these wretched harpies that my client was the victim of a "wardrobe malfunction", but the litigious vixens insist that they were subjected to unwanted advances of an obscene and sexual nature. Rest assured, I will be filing a third-party complaint against the manufacturer of Jamie's jeans.

Jenna said...

No Jay, be glad you were not there for that picture.