June 13, 2006


Microsoft's Xbox 360 Campaign won an ADDY Award, specifically for this ad. I'm also partial to the one where people are playing gun fight, which evidently was banned in the UK.

You Tube has some awesome videos on there, including videos of super ultimate game endings. I know a few people that are never going to finish Final Fantasy X-2 and who might want to check that out.

Here's an interesting article on incorporating Game Theory into video game design.


Drew said...

Your link was to the perfect ending of Final Fantasy X, not Final Fantasy X-2. I know these things are confusing, but do try to pay attention to detail, son.

I can't express how disappointed I am.

Jason said...

Drew that was X-2, look at the way that Yuna is dressed, she is wearing her gun-mage outfit not the dress she wears in Part X. And yes, I am ashamed for knowing that.

I am glad that we gave up on that game, that was the worst ending ever.

Jason said...

I always thought that the jump rope one was fake. I am even more impressed.

Why the hell was the gun fight one banned? Were people worried about a rash of incidents involving people going up to each other, pointing their fingers and yelling bang? People need to lighten the fuck up.

Drew said...

I'm not at all suprised the gunfight commercial was banned.

If that was the ending to X-2, I'll eat my hat. First of all, it was labelled as the ending to X. Are you saying that Ben (who hasn't really played either game) correctly realized that the person who posted the video misidentified the game? I find that hard to believe. Second, I've seen that ending before, and I've never seen the ending to X-2.

I can't watch the video again while at work, but I'll check out the costume later. Whatever costume it was, I can guarantee it wasn't the gun-mage costume. If it's a costume from X-2, it would be the gunner costume, which is Yuna's default.

MosBen said...

The gaming site where I found the link to the video identified it as the ending to X-2. Also, the comments on You Tube say that it's X-2. Plus, what little I know about the story of those games makes X-2 seem more likely. I think you have some hat eating to do my friend.

Drew said...

Whoops! So it would seem. My bad, dawgs. Fortunately, my hat is made of bacon!

Drew said...

I miss my bacon hat. :-(