June 08, 2006

Blogger was down yesterday, so I couldn't put up a picture yesterday. Looks like y'all get two today then! Oh Imperial Navy, you've certainly let your fitness standards go. Maybe if the Death Star cantina wasn't packed with so many carb rich foods! Crack TIE pilots can't eat pasta all day, I tell you! Oh, and like so many pictures with Jay in them, these guys had no idea what he was doing and may not even have known he was there, so obviously he made an ass of himself. Good times. Posted by Picasa


Jenna said...

I think I saw Hunter do the same thing the other day.

Drew said...

Listen, MosBen, that TIE pilot was recruiting me for the service, and I'm going to join. He said I have an ideal physique for withstanding the rigors of short range space travel.

What the hell do you know about it? Shut up!