June 04, 2006

Well, let's start it off with one that is both awesome and not embarrassing to me. I think the guy on the left was actually more skinny in person, if you can believe that. And so we're clear, he's not Superman. Neither is the other guy, for that matter. They're both dressed, I'm presuming, as different versions of Superboy, who recently fought in the comics.

One important thing to note here at the outset is that every person I took a picture of was not only willing to let me do so, but enthusiastic. That is, afterall, why they dress up. There was one girl that wanted me to give her money to take her picture because, she said, she was a model. It seemed weird to pay someone for a picture, especially a scantily clad woman, so I kept to the people that wanted me to take their pictures.

Oh yeah, and I had to help the Superboys find a table in the foodcourt before I could take their picture so that they could set down their cheesesteaks. Only in Philly!Posted by Picasa

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sarah said...

i look forward to more pics.