June 15, 2006

Videos And Stuff

Here's a video of Gnarls Barkley performing "Crazy" at the MTV Movie Awards, with the whole band dressed in Star Wars gear. Awesome.

Ever try to play Dragon's Lair in an arcade way back when and get annoyed because it was so touchy about the controls? Here's a video of the whole game start to finish. It only takes ten minutes to beat that game? What a rip!

Evidently the possibility of more games in the mould of "Guitar Hero" is "very very likely".

Finally, we have an article about superheroes and their religions. There's not much there, but it's interesting.


Noumena said...

I like the fact that the first of the ten minutes of Dragon's lair was basically an ad for the game.

Also, that princess is a moron. I suppose not saving her and letting the monarchy die out wasn't an option the game gave you, though.

MosBen said...

What I find enormously amusing is that Daphne is being carried out of the other side of several rooms just as you enter them throughout the game. Then you finally catch up to her and the dragon's asleep. I guess all that running tired him out.