August 30, 2005

Fun With Hits

It's that time again, where I go through Site Meter's stats and find all the fun hits that we got from random Google searches. By posting them here, of course, I'm raising the likelihood that we'll get more hits from them, but whatever. We only had a couple variations (though since I don't pay for Site Meter they don't give me all the info) lately. By far, the biggest hitter for us in Google searches is "Thundercats the Movie", though searches relating to the Penny Arcade Expo and it's "Omegathon" competition also got quite a few. In the Weird Department, we have "sex, no" and "how to log a picture of my house from satilites", which I'm quite fond of.

"And nothing fuels a good a good flirtation/ like need and anger and desperation"

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Anonymous said...

Aimee Mann, Th Moth.