August 04, 2005

The funniest thing I read today

What kind of completely inappropriate discussion of TEH GAY took place to prompt this reaction from a concerned parent?

Discussions concerning homosexuality issues will not take place in front of our son, [son's name] (5 yrs old), at Estabrook. This includes material given to [our son] to covertly transport into our household (i.e.- diversity book bag). Such doctrine is against our Christian family beliefs. We will be notified when there are plans to have homosexual material discussed with the students - when [our son] is present - so that we can take action to ensure his spiritual safety. You are not permitted to infringe upon our religious beliefs and parental rights or obviate our freedom of choice, to exclude our son from material that would expose him to beliefs contrary to the Word of God in our Christian faith. Our parental rights and Christian belief system will be respected in this diversity- oriented, anti-biased school community. We know other parents, of various faiths and values, that endorse this position. This is not solely a Christian assertion of rights.

May God bless everyone who reads this to be shown his Love and truth of his Word.

I like that last bit especially. Anyway. What do you think it was? "How to pick out a leatherdaddy outfit"? A demonstration of the buttsex? Possibly even ... dare I suggest it, it's too horrible .. a discussion on interior decorating, with a field trip to CB2?!

No. Far, far worse. The kid was given a short book on families that, on one page, had a PICTURE of a GAY FAMILY! Surely he will be smote to Hell for this vile transgression of looking at a picture loving, monogamous gay couple and their children!

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