August 25, 2005

Ok, He Deserves It, But Not For This

So Atrios tipped me off to a post over at DC Media Girl where she really rips into Jon Klein, president of CNN's domestic operations, for saying that CNN isn't going to cover the Holloway story. True, under his leadership CNN has become increasinly FOX-ified in the way the cover stories, and DC Media Girl is right to remind us of the horrid coverage of the runaway bride. Still, he right here, isn't he? Sure, his job is to make CNN get FOX level ratings and he hasn't been able to do it, even when aping FOX's style, but it seems odd to me to smack someone for doing the right thing after doing the wrong thing for a long time. So I don't really disagree with DC Girl's points, per se, but it just seems like an odd time to bring them up because, at least this, he's right; the Holloway story isn't newsworthy and a network devoted to providing news shouldn't cover it. Good for him.

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Anonymous said...

The point of the post, however, is that Jon Klein is a huge hypocrite. CNN covers Holloway, Peterson, Michaeal Jackson, sharks, etc., just as the other cable nets do, but then Klein will give an interview where he'll try to distance his network from such common, tabloid fare. In other words, he orders saturation coverage and then disavows it. He needs to give fewer interviews and spend more time doing what he's getting paid big bucks to do -- fix CNN. Period.