August 18, 2005

Neither here nor there

One thing I have yet to learn about academia: the school year starts before the school year starts. I've spent the last two days prepping for the course I'm going to be teaching at a community college: picking up one set of books and a model syllabus, returning them and getting a new set of books and course outline when I was given something else, and of course turning the extremely rough course outline into a syllabus with reading and homework assignments. And I have another half day's worth of work, easily. But I'm still in the summer vacation frame of mind, and I can't bring myself to belief that my class meets for the first time Monday night, and my grad school seminars start on Tuesday morning.

It wouldn't be too bad if either (a) I'd had the course materials a week ago, or (b) I had an actual syllabus to start with. In theory, with (a) I could space this out over a couple weeks instead of a couple days, and with (b) I could just change the dates and recycle the syllabus (it's what I did with my Linear Algebra class last spring). Really, though, I would have procrastinated until now if I'd had the course materials for the past three months.

So, yeah, no interesting posts from me, probably until next week or so. I have a couple ... interesting ideas for new blogging projects, but until I can get those off the ground I'll try to put up photos a little more regularly.

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