August 31, 2005

So New Orleans is kinda gone

Governor: Everyone Must Leave New Orleans

A full day after the Big Easy thought it had escaped Katrina's full fury, two levees broke and spilled water into the streets on Tuesday, swamping an estimated 80 percent of the bowl-shaped, below-sea-level city, inundating miles and miles of homes and rendering much of New Orleans uninhabitable for weeks or months.

'We are looking at 12 to 16 weeks before people can come in,' Mayor Ray Nagin said on ABC's 'Good Morning America, 'and the other issue that's concerning me is have dead bodies in the water. At some point in time the dead bodies are going to start to create a serious disease issue.'

I have a friend who just moved to New Orleans; he was supposed to start at Tulane last week. I'm sure he's fine, physically, but he had a spectacularly shitty summer, and really was due for a break.


MosBen said...

Man, my parents were there last month.

Noumena said...

If you'd like to make a donation, go to FEMA or the Red Cross.