April 19, 2006

And For The Nerds Of A Different Sort

Ezra Klein, formerly of Pandagon fame and now at The American Prospect Online, did a spot on C-SPAN on Easter, which is pretty interesting. Interesting, and depressing; the kid's younger than I and is not only getting all kinds of success and recognition, he deserves it.

If you just want to see Ezra's segment, make sure you click the top link, as the other one is much longer.

Edit: Rather than post another short post just to get a link in, and since this pertains to nerds as well, here's an amusing article about Wikipedia courtesy of Dan Brottman.

Edit #2: New issue of The Escapist is out, and there are several very interesting articles there for your perusal. I can't understate how impressed I've been with The Escapist. Were it not an online publication, I would probably subscribe to the print copy. Games are treated as a serious medium worthy of serious discussion, which unfortunately is all too rare in the media.

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