April 12, 2006

Sex only counts if it's risky!

You can read what Dawn Eden wrote yourself, or Amanda's post on it, but either way it's hilarious. Be sure to check out the comments under both, though, they get even funnier.

I say it's still a kiss. It is also a deception: your bodies have been altered, and you are trying to pretend they haven't been. Thus, each member of this hypothetical couple would be lying to the other, as well as being complicit in the other's lie. Moreover, while it is still a kiss, it is, like a bad movie climax, lacking in suspense or tension, in any sense of what's at stake. It is lacking in the dramatic weight it ought to have. This kind of training in avoiding certain kinds of drama a) leads to really bad, repetitive, introspective cinema and b) means either that the movie of your life is going to be lacking certain elements of real drama, or that the drama therein is going to be off-kilter. There's very little middle ground, as far as I can tell.

Hence, the best kind of kiss is when you're making out with a stranger who might have cholera. Because that makes for a good movie. Or something.

And we should only have sex when it's unprotected sex with AIDS sufferers and someone can get pregnant. Because then we can maybe star in our own, ultra-tragic version of Philadelphia, which was a decent movie in its day. Or something.

This exchange nicely sums up the insanity of the whole thread at Dawn's:

Ok, let me get this straight. If something goes wrong with your birth control and get pregnant, you see the child as a "mistake." If you mess up or miscalculate your NFP, you see the child as a "blessing." How you see children is contingent on your method of birth control. NFP is as effective or more effective than birth control pills (not true according to every study I've ever read, but I'll go with it for now), but the reason NFP is so great is because it keeps the couple open to new life. Contraception is bad because you're withholding your fertility from your parnter, but NFP is good because you're withholding your fertility from your partner by not having sex during the times you could possible get pregnant.

Did I get it all? Is anyone else's head spinning?
Actually, Jill, you've got just about all of it.[...]
Dawn Eden

Kierkegaard's notion of faith is all about embracing paradox. But he's talking about the paradox of Christ (the 'fully human and fully divine' thing), not this insane shit. Dawn and her ilk make Reason cry.

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