April 03, 2006

Two Quick Things

First, evidently we may start to see broader acceptance of digital delivery for movies. Just as we've seen with music, primarily through itunes though Pandora would also qualify, digital delivery is simply the way the technology is going. With high speed broad band and wireless networks becoming more standardized over time the industries will be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era of entertainment. Actually, it's mind boggling how short sighted industry always is. They fought home video, and it became an enormous source of income. Much like with digital music, digital video download will tap into that impulse buying instinct that people get when things are made extremely convenient for them. Now we just need more devices that work with Windows Media Connect, though perhaps Microsoft is only too happy to make the Xbox 360 the premiere device for streaming video from your computer to your nice big HDTV.

Second, I love when video games spill over to the real world. Whether it's live action Pacman, or kids putting Super Mario Bros. coin boxes around town. Unfortunately, sometimes a box with a big question mark on it can look like a bomb.

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