April 05, 2006

An iTunes Game

Thanks to Manda for the following game.

Open itunes (whatever program you can have your music like that) to answer the following:
*total number of tracks
*sort by song title, first song on the list
*top 10 most played songs
*first five songs that comes up on shuffle
*how many songs come up when you search "sex", "love", "you", "death", "hate", "wish"

I'll go first, in the comments.


Noumena said...

# tracks: 1613
first song, by title: 'Round midnight (Thelonius Monk)
Top 10 most played:
1. Sympathique (Pink Martini)
2. Blue (Angie Hart)
3. Manha de Carnaval (Patricia Barber)
4. Pieces (Patricia Barber)
5. Lle Aye (Caetano Veloso)
6. I Could Eat Your Words (Patricia Barber)
7. Soledad (Pink Martini)
8. Amazing Grace (Patricia Barber)
9. You and I Both (Jason Mraz)
10. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Patricia Barber)

"sex": 4
"love": 39
"you": 117
"death": 11
"hate": 1
"wish": 0

(In other words, I'm an optimistic, practical, and Other-oriented Patricia Barber fan. Which isn't inaccurate.)

Random 5:
1. Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
2. Guilty (Amelie soundtrack)
3. I Hear Noises (Tegan and Sara)
4. Inside (Moby)
5. My Greatest Mistake (The Blaton-Webster Band)

Anonymous said...

Total number of tracks:
322, there was a whole lot more but we lost all our music recently. we're building back up.

Sort by song title:
11-11 by Team Sleep

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
1. who put the bomp - me first and the gimme gimmes
2. thank you for the venom - my chemical romance
3. here we go again - everclear
4. got to give it up - marvin gaye
5. sex and candy - marcy playground
6. you may be right - billy joel
7. diamond eyes - hawthorne heights
8. good ride cowboy - garth brooks
9. can't let go - anthony hamilton
10. where is my mind - pixies

First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
1. gimme three steps - lynyrd skynyrd
2. smooth criminal - alien ant farm
3. there it go - juelz santana
4. when i'm with you - sheriff
5. the joker - steve miller band

"sex", how many songs come up?: 4
"love", how many songs come up?: 15
"you", how many songs come up?: 68
"death", how many songs come up?: 8
"hate", how many songs come up?: 2
"wish" how many songs come up?: 0


Anonymous said...

# of tracks: 3824
first song: 'stor, a stor, a ghra- Altan
top 10:
1) smile - olive
2) bend and break - keane
3) de Patricia Etiam - Hildegard von Bingem
4) Golden Brown - Stranglers
5) Golden Slumbers - Ben Folds
6) Oh- Dave Matthews
7) The Sun - Maroon Five
8) Anon:Hosanna Filio David - Benedictine Monks
9) Anon: Ave Mundi Spes Maria - Benedictine Monks
10) Mushaboom - Feist
first five on shuffle
1) See the Sun - Dido
2) Gold Digger - Kanye West
3) Piano Concerto #1 in E minor Op 11-II by Frederic Chopin - Emanuel Ax
4) The Embrace - Michael Nyman
5) A Challenge - Nellee Hooper

and # with
sex 3 (none with just sex, though)
love 211
you 357
death 16
hate 29
wish 9

Anonymous said...

bah. that was me, sorry

MosBen said...

Reposted because I hadn't added the # of tracks.

# tracks: 8264
first song, by title: ''The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)'' (Luis Bacalov)

Top 10 most played:
1. The Theme From Underdog (The Blanks) (Yes, that's the cartoon)
2. Hipdahop (Sean Mahler)
3. Dreaming of You (The Coral)
4. Fresh Feeling (The Eels)
5. Overkill (feat. Lazlo Bane) (Colin Hay)
6. Waiting For My Real Life To Begin (Colin Hay)
7. Overkill (acoustic) (Colin Hay)
8. Breakdown (Handsome Boy Modelling School)
9. Good Time (LeRoy)
10. Fett's Vett (MC Chris)

"sex": 28
"love": 255
"you": 571
"death": 96
"hate": 17
"wish": 10

Random 5:
1. About To Crash - Dream Theater
2. At The End Of The Day - Spock's Beard
3. I Dream Of Jeanie - Theme
4. Run's House - Run DMC
5. First Circle - Pat Metheny

MosBen said...

Wow Kryssa, you beat me on "hate" despite having fewer than half the total number of songs.

Anonymous said...

yes, just imagine if I'd managed to finish loading my music. ~ K