April 15, 2006

Fri-aturday Random 10

It's that time again kid and kiddlets. Load up your mp3s in your Lappy 486 computer or Diamond 64 mb portable player and set that sucker to random. Post the first ten ditties that come up in the comments, being careful not to disturb the sanctified-ness-ocity by trying to change out songs that make you seem like you lack the verve and moxy of the hep cats.

(Song - Artist)
1. Chance - Savatage
2. Outro - Blueprint
3. Octopus's Garden - The Beatles
4. The Riches - Jane's Addiction
5. C'Mom Wit Da Git Down - Artifacts
6. Get Smart - Theme
7. Space Lion - Yokko Kanno
8. Tribes - Preston Reed
9. What To Say - Enchant
10. Out Of Live Wires And Twisters - Reaching Quiet

Well, it's not great throughout, but that's a pretty sweet list for being totally random. Anyone want to take a shot at guessing the genres of these groups?


Anonymous said...

Is Space Lion from Cowboy Bebop?

1) Untitled - Rachel Yamagata
2) Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Ray Charles with Johnny Mathis
3) Fragile - Sting
4) Your Eyes - Rent
5) We Go Alone - Archer Prewitt
6) Tomorrow is a Long Time - Nickel Creek
7) Want it All Back - Yamane Mai
8) Run - Snow Patrol
9) Evidence - Joseph Arthur
10) The Rascal King - Mighty Mighty Bosstones


MosBen said...

It sure is Kryssa! Well done!