May 25, 2005

Flash: NYT puts actual feminist on Op-Ed page

Maureen Dowd's substitute turns out to actually be kinda coherent and kinda a feminist.

Here's the deal: this isn't a 'women's' problem; it's a human problem. Yet for 30 years women have tried to crack this largely on their own, and one thing is clear: if the fight isn't joined by men (like me) who want a life, too, any solutions become 'women's' solutions. A broader drive to redesign work will take a union-style consciousness that makes it safe for men who secretly want balance to say so.

This is a vast improvement over Dowd's tendency to ramble (albeit from a left-of-center POV) as incoherently as Brooks or Tierney. But was the only way they could do this tapping another white, male pundit? I think it's great to see an upper-middle-class white male whose wife probably handles most of the domestic chores calling on other upper-middle-class white males whose wives probably handle most of the domestic chores to do away with this system. But, while he's doing that, the Times will have no women writing for the Op-Ed page, which is precisely the sort of thing this Matt Miller is arguing against.

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