May 03, 2005

So my dad got married on Saturday

Being the best man in your dad's wedding is kind of weird. For starters, it was the first time I've been a best man, the first time I've even been in the wedding party. Secondly, my DAD got MARRIED.

The ceremony was performed at the United Church of Christ in Danville, CA, and the reception was on the large patio next to the Fellowship Hall of the church. Picasa has a nifty little webpage generator I used to throw together a picture page; within half an hour of plugging my camera into my computer, I had pictures online. My dad is the groom (obviously), and Pamela is his new wife. The young girl in a few of the pictures is my new step-sister, Liana, who was one of the bridesmaids; her sister, Rachel, is good at hiding from the camera, but was also a bridesmaid. My brother, Tim, is the guy in the tux in a few of the shots.

It's finals week here, which is not as busy for me as it has been in previous years, but expect light blogigng to continue until next Tuesday or so.

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