May 24, 2005

Let's play a game

Maybe MosBen will award his Ra points or whatever for the best entry. I just think we have enough Joss Whedon fans that read this semi-regularly to pull it off.

The game is: Ask Joss Whedon a Question

I'll go first. Here's my question: How do you feel about the Buffy movie? I've heard that your script was changed, and it obviously had a completely different style from the teevee series. Do you think the poor reception of the movie played any part in the 'cult' status of the teevee show?


MosBen said...

Are we supposed to answer your question, pose our own, or both?

Anonymous said...

Yes, what do we do? Shall i comment on the dark sexiness that is william the bloody aka spike? or how i'm torn between wishing buffy and angel could have their perfect love but still want buffy and spike to be together because they have really hot sex? because if you want comments buddy...i will give you buffy comments til you can't take no mo'

Noumena said...

I meant that you're supposed to make up and pose a question of your own, that you would ask Joss Whedon if you had the chance.

MosBen said...

My question is: "Will you please do another TV series? It doesn't matter what it is, just do something!"