May 04, 2005

Voices and faces

The Voices and Faces Project:

What is The Voices and Faces Project?

The Voices and Faces Project is a non-profit initiative created to give voice and face to survivors of sexual violence, offering a sense of solidarity and possibility to those who have lived through abuse, while raising awareness of how sexual violence impacts victims, families and communities.

I called this depressing, but as my friend Annie pointed out, what I find depressing is rape itself. This project itself is, in her words, cool, uplifting, and happy.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a neat site. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you're doing well. I checked out the photos from your dad's wedding. I didn't see any of you posted, guess you were the one with the camera?
Love In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I hope that someday we can reach a place where sites like this aren't necessary. Because more funding is dumped into athletics than into rape prevention in colleges and in universities, because more money is spent erasing references to evolution in textbooks than is spent on sexual education, because more money is spent on researching erectile disfunction than on sexual assault allegations in our nation's military is because of all these that sites like this are necessary. When there is no desire to dominate, there will be no need to fear. Sorry that there's nothing inflammatory or awe-inspiring or earth-shattering here.