May 01, 2005

I'm So Meta

So it couldn't go without mention; April was far and away the biggest month of traffic we've ever had. Since we started using Site Meter to keep track of our traffic the most unique visitors we've ever received in a month was last September with somewhere around 650 people. This last month we crushed that with an amazing, for us, 928 visitors. Oooh, we were so close to that super cool thousand person barrier, but let's get it for this month. Also, we're currently averaging 31 unique ip addresses per day, though given that I read the site from a couple different computers a day I count for two or three of those. Still, that's an awful lot of people not commenting. I know, I know, you have to register with Blogger, but it takes no time at all and then you get to be part of the old Staff of Ra Community.

Hey, maybe this is an opportunity to steal another idea from another blogger (who just cracked 3k people per month!). I am now introducing Ra Points! I will dole out these points to people that participate in the site in any way (except our contributors, which wouldn't really be fair). If you find a way for me to add a blogroll to the sidebar of the site, which I've wanted for a long time but don't know how to do? Ra points. Post a comment? Ra points. Tell me about a really cool story that I should post but have somehow missed? Answer some kind of trivia question that I may post from time to time? You get the idea. The Ra points have no exchangeable value at this time, though I may at my discretion decide later to add some kind prize, but don't you just want to win?! Comments need not be super inciteful, nor do you need to be any kind of expert in the subject matter, just give us your thoughts.

Here are a few questions to get us started:

In honor of the release this week of the Spaceball's Collector's Edition on DVD, what merchandise did Yogurt show off? 1 Ra point per item.

In honor of the DVD release of The Sandlot 2, what was the name of the dog that got their Babe Ruth ball in the first movie? 3 Ra points.

Which Admiral was responsible for bringing the fleet in too close to the Hoth Base, causing them to raise their shields, in The Empire Strikes Back? (Look through the last several posts and you should be able to find it) 5 Ra points

Martin Freeman plays Arthur Dent in the newest adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Name the two most well known films he has appeared in in the last three years. You should, as with all these questions, not use the internet to find the answer. 2 Ra points per movie.

That should be a good start. I'll try to keep these questions coming regularly so if you miss out you'll have plenty of opportunity to catch up later, and I reserve the right to remove points if I feel it is deserved or dole out extra points as well. Tell all your friends to visit the site and comment! Remember that trivia is not the only way to earn Ra points...


MosBen said...

See, now that's how it's done! Count 'em!

Unknown said...

ok, Spaceballs the coloring book, Spaceballs the doll, Spaceballs the flamethrower. That's all I remember without cheating.

MosBen said...

From behind the arc, SWISH! Drew for 3!