May 13, 2005

The Random Ten

Finals are done and I've got to get my lazy ass back in the habit of posting. The easiest way I can think of to do that is the good old Random Ten, which also gives me the opportunity to deride my readers for not posting their Random Tens in the comments. Here's this weeks, embarassing as some of the songs might be... (Song Title - Artist)

1)Picard Flute solo (remember from that episode where he got scanned and lived a whole life on another planet, but it was all in his head? Yeah, big dork here.)

2)Obstacle 1 - Interpol

3)Nothing To Say - Platypus

4)Entre Dos Aguas - Paco De LucĂ­a

5)Together (Feat. Lemon Jelly) - William Shatner

6)2084 - Ayreon

7)Endtroducing - DJ Shadow

8)Fuzzy Dice - Optimus Rhyme

9)Status Seeker - Dream Theater

10)Strike Up The Band - George Gershwin

Remember, this is a *Random* Ten, so no changing songs you're embarassed about. As you can see I have no shame, and I expect none from you all. Also, don't forget that I'm giving out Ra Points these days...


MosBen said...

Post your Random 10s you jerks...

Unknown said...

1. Frame by Frame, King Crimson (Live at Moles Club, 1981) -- technically, the band would have been called "Discipline" for that performance

2. Thorn in My Pride, The Black Crowes

3. Seconda, Toccate, Jacob Heringman

4. Inner Garder II, King Crimson

5. Pictures of a City, King Crimson (Live at Jacksonville, 1972)

6. Good Lovin', The Grateful Dead

7. Who Stole the Soul?, Public Enemy

8. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere, The Who

9. The Power to Believe IV, Coda, King Crimson

10. Beautiful, Adrian Belew

Noumena said...

1. Holst - The Planets, Saturn
2. TMBG - AKA Driver
3. Patricia Barber - I Could Eat Your Words
4. Ani Difranco - Circle of Light
5. Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four
6. Yo-Yo Ma - Sur-Regreso al Amor
7. Chumbawumba - Sewing Up Crap
8. Manhattan Transfer - Clouds
9. Incubus - Make Yourself
10. South Park Soundtrack - Mountain Town (final version)

MosBen said...

As an incentive this is a Ra points thread. Everyone gets one Ra point for posting a Random 10, except those that are exempt obviously...

So yay Drew!

Unknown said...

That's right! So MosBen, I was thinking... I could give you a Terminus point for every time you give me a Ra point. If you reciprocated, we'd each be king's of each other's blogs in no time flat! Think about it...

DrDeef said...

1. Three Dog Night - Try A Little Tenderness

2. Madonna - Vogue

3. Steve Miller Band - Joker

4. Sage Francis - The Short Necked Giraffe

5. New Order - Confusion

6. The Roots - Somebody's Gotta Do It

7. The Strokes - Take It Or Leave It

8. Handsome Boy Modeling School - First...And Then

9. 50 Cent - Build You Up

10. Moby - If Things Were Perfect

Not the best list ever, but it jumps around at least.