July 18, 2005

As it turns out, I'm gay

This is news to me, of course, but according to the Christian "reparative therapist" for homosexuals discussed in Salon's series on reparative therapy, I must be gay gay gay gay.

Barry Levy, a Christian counselor and licensed clinical social worker, is explaining to me what causes homosexuality. 'Take the young boy who is more sensitive, more delicate, who doesn't like rough-and-tumble, who is artistic,' he says. 'He can't hit the ball, fire the gun or shoot an arrow. There is a high correlation between poor eye-hand coordination and same-sex attraction.'

Other 'causes' of homosexuality discussed in this article include a erotization of masculinity (see, gay guys like giving blowjobs because they're cannibalizing the penis!) and an overbearing mother who emasculates the unavailable father. Because everyone knows teh gay = effeminate men who didn't get the proper man-i-zation from their fathers.


Anonymous said...

And what about the guys who CAN fire the gun, hit the ball blah blah blah but are artistic and sensitive too? In the words of Napoleon: freakin' idiots, GOSH!

MosBen said...

Man, gay sex must be really awkward and prone to injury with that total lack of coordination.

Agius said...

"So you weren't abused? Wait! If that reason doesn't work for you... hold on, let me get the boss. I'm sure we can work something out!" <-- doesn't this guy sound like a bad used car salesman?

Noumena said...

Sorry, manda, but I'm afraid your fiancee has been objectively and scientifically proven to be gay.