July 09, 2005

So You're On A Desert Island...With Some Power Source

What movies or music do you think you will never in your life become tired of? For instance, I've watched Ghostbusters and The Big Lebowski, among many others, countless times, but I could watch them today and be entertained. In fact, uh, I'm watching Ghostbusters right now...it's so great.

So, what of you?


Noumena said...

Hmmm I think I'm going to go with Fight Club and The Incredibles.

Meghanidly said...

OK, don't laugh, but E.T. It's just as magical every time I watch it, it never fails to make me tear up, and the score is beautiful. But I'd have to have the original version...none of this new and "improved" business.

Eddie Cheese Beitz said...

I have seen Shawshank about a billion times thanks to TBS/TNT. I can't say I've ever skipped past it without watching for a good while. The Empire Strikes back is up there. I never really get tired on the Last of the Mohicans, another cable favorite. However, there's a big difference between movies that you linger on when watching TV and movies you'll watch beginning to end on DVD. For example, I'm endlessly entertained by Braveheart and have seen it a million times. I'm sure I'll see it another million times in bits and pieces over time on the superstation, but I'll probably never pop in the DVD again. Unless a hot broad tells me to. And by the way, Meghanidly, I am laughing at you.

Jenna said...

Sozialismus...I wish I could agree with you on the Incredibles but I have seen it at least a thousand times since it came out on DVD. My son (22 months old) watches at least once a day. The same with Finding Nemo.

I would say that I would have to go with The Princess Bride and Young Frankenstein. For music...Disney's greatest hits.

MosBen said...

Oh man, Young Frankenstein was on this morning.