July 13, 2005

Game On!

Hockey labor and management have reached an agreement in principle. My knowledge of the actual deal reached is rather limited, but my guess is labor got hosed.


Meghanidly said...

Heard on the radio this morning that they will no longer be having tied games, that they will eliminate the red line, that they will decrease the goalie's leg padding by three inches (to allow for more goals to be scored), and that they will be making the uniforms more tight-fitting (in order to attract a female audience)...we'll see

MosBen said...

Also, evidently every individual player in the league will be limited to some percentage of the team's total salary, something on the order of 20-30%, which I believe overall comes to a 25% pay cut to Labor, the players. At this time I don't know what, if any, concessions or belt tightening Management has to give.