July 21, 2005

Pinko Feminist Hellcat: Abortion is wonderful

Great post over at Pinko Feminist Hellcat:

Not. Your. Business.

I do not want to hear what the exceptions for the supposed moderates are. They are quite happy to enforce consequences they don't have to live with. Besides which, it's beyond arrogant and patronizing to listen to a woman's situation and pass judgement on her choice. Who are you to tell anyone that you would allow for an abortion in her situation because of X,Y, or Z? Since when is your approval needed or warranted?

There are those of us who do not want to be pregnant, period. So adoption is not an option.

We are not public property, so lay off. When you get the urge to proclaim approval or disapproval for a woman's choice, do the opposite and shut it. Just shut it.

Because while abortion isn't horrible, enforced pregnancy is. As is pillorying women who refuse to be guilty for choosing differently than you.


Anonymous said...

Enforced pregnancy? Whoever posted this just made a good argument for allowing abortion only in rape cases. This doesn't even strike a blow for legal abortion to save a woman's life. There's nothing enforced about pregnancy unless it's a rape. I'm even willing to extend the definition of rape to a very liberal interpretation, like date rape or corruption of minor. However, this post does nothing for the 22 year old college chick that that just felt like getting drunk, getting laid, and not taking her birth control. My advice to her: Keep your legs together and learn how to give better blowjobs.

MosBen said...

The pregnancy becomes a lot more enforced if, in the near future, it becomes illegal to terminate it.

Incidentally, welcome to the site and we hope you comment more, though it's a lot easier to have an honest debate with someone when they sign their posts with some kind of name.

Noumena said...

Hey, we have our first troll!

Besides leaving some kind of name, actual arguments help. Strawmen and slut-shaming rhetoric might make you feel superior, but their prevalence only shows why we need to protect women's rights to sexual and reproductive autonomy from fascist assholes.

moneyous said...

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