July 15, 2005

The Matrix Will Light Our Darkest Hour...And Keep The Roborave Going

For those interested in the upcoming live action Transformers movie, but worried about what it might look like, I think this is pretty reassuring. I'm sure, however, that our movie will have much less Soul Train and more Astro Train. And lasers. And missles, which is probably a real bummer to Bumblebee. Turns out Roboconomy cars *are* good for something, it's just not going to turn the tide in the Cybertronian Civil Wars. Unless their wars work a lot different than ours I suppose.


Drew said...

What the hell was that?! Did that have anything to do with the Transformers movie, or was it just to demonstrate what is possible in the realm of live action robot cars, generally?

MosBen said...

The latter.