July 21, 2005

How does his skull not implode?

According to lil Davey Brooks, John Roberts is a thoughtful conservative who will not face a tough confirmation battle because he's Catholic and 'confounds culture war categories' by having a wife who's a member of Feminists for Life. Also, the Democratic members of the Senate will be encouraged by bloggers to deny confirmation.

So Roberts will avoid the culture war by being at the centre of it, and confirmed because he's a moderate who's ideologically quite conservative?

(Poking around FFL's website, I noted such features as long-discredited data on a connection between abortions and breast cancer, and a list of famous feminists who supported abortion -- prior to WW2. Their only non-abortion issue seems to be Father's Rights.)

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Noumena said...

As a matter of fairness, here's a post by Hugo on Roberts and FFL.