July 09, 2005

Not so Fantastic

Not surprisingly, The Fantastic Four is pretty mediocre. Michael Chiklis, from FX's The Shield, does quite well in the role (and costuming) of Ben Grimm/The Thing, but every other actor is crappy crap crap. The script is shaky -- several 'why did they do that?' moments, and lots of annoying technobabble thrown around -- but you can tell the writers at least tried to do something in the spirit of, say, X-Men or Spiderman; they just failed miserably.

If you go to superhero movies because they're superhero movies, you probably won't want to tear your eyes out -- this is not Daredevil. But, really, just go see Batman again.

1 comment:

MosBen said...

I heard it was fun but yes, mediocre. Doesn't really matter for me though, my love of the material will actually change the celluloid into an amazing film.