July 26, 2005


I know many of you don't read Penny Arcade, perhaps the best web comic for the video gaming nerd out on this ol' net o' mine, so I thought I'd show you this awesome pic.

For the second year now Penny Arcade is hosting the PA Expo in Seattle. Unlike the E3 Expo, which is supposedly exclusively for those who work in the industry (though many people get in anyway), the Penny Arcade Expo is proudly for the gaming and nerdy masses. Every type of gaming you can think of is represented there, and many video game companies show off upcoming games that they're working on.

Also of note is the Omegathon, which is a contest of supreme coolocity in which contestants compete against each other in a variety of video games. The winner receives a grand prize, referring both to its supremacy over the other prizes and its awesomeness. The above picture is this year's grand prize: Every game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the US, except for three. As you can also tell you get three systems and a large number of accessories. Truly a grand prize for some lucky Omeganaut. There are other pictures, but I have to wait for the news post to be archived before the link is worth anything.Posted by Picasa

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