July 08, 2005

Friday Random Ten - New And Improved

So we've been a bit off the job lately, particularly with the Random 10s, but there's an explaination, if not a great one. Well, first, Dan's on vacation and is therefore allowed to be lazy, while I have spent a significant bit of my free time over the last week increasing my music library. For those that aren't aware, my old laptop died a few months ago and, thanks to my Best Buy Warranty, I was able to get a brand spanking new one which had a number of higher stats than the old one, notably a larger hard drive. This week I decided that this extra space was a perfect excuse to move every MP3 I had stored on various computers to this one and to rip every CD I own to MP3. As you can see, this has taken me a while.

Hrrrmmm, someone's come to pick me up, therefore, stay tuned to this space because the Random 10 will appear here soon. Though it may get in edited on Saturday, I still will have posted this on Friday!

Edit: And here's the list, culled from 7856 songs, which played back to back would run non-stop for 23 days. As you might imagine, this little project of mine has taken up quite a bit too much of my hard drive, and I mean to trim back a bit in the coming weeks. Be that as it may, here's the list:

(Song - Artist)
1)Gun Control - Busdriver
2)Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
3)Salt In My Wounds - Vanden Plas
4)Suicide Song - Sole
5)Baptism - Roots Manuva
6)Spanish Castle Magic - Yngwie Malmsteen
7)Point of No Return - Kansas
8)Nova Scotia Baby! - Josh Martinez
9)Let It Snow! - Bing Crosby
10)Action Satisfaction - Jurasic 5

Don't forget to post your own Random 10s!


Noumena said...

Also, I'm on dialup. Dialup over very old telephone lines with lots of background noise.

On the plus side, I'll be home, and back on broadband, Wednesday, and I have about a hundred new pictures for the Photo of the Day. California is a gorgeous state, and I've been busy seeing a lot of it.

jamie said...

2.You're the First, the Last, My Everything-Barry White
4.Suzy Q-Credence Clearwater Revival
7.Funky Cold Medina-Tone Loc
8.Astronaut-G Love
9.El Scorcho-Weezer
10.Half the Man I Used To Be-Pearl Jam

Drew said...

1. Music Arcade - Neil Young
2. One Note Song - Tenacious D
3. Silas Stingy - The Who
4. Down by the River - Neil Young
5. Something for Nothing - Rush
6. Wait to Stop - The Pernice Brothers
7. Yours is No Disgrace - Yes
8. The Acid Queen - The Who
9. 1 ii 2 - ProjeKct One
10. Countdown - The Black Keys