July 06, 2005

Indiana does something right

for a change. Feministe:

In Indiana the county fair is still a summer highlight for many residents. As teenagers, news of who competes and wins the county beauty pageant still permeates the halls of county high schools. Thus it was with great interest that I found the news that Indiana has decided Title IX must apply to county beauty pageant contestants and that married and pregnant women are now eligible to compete for the title. In addition, award titles will be changed so that achievement is not based within a gender category. We may have two kings or two queens, at certain fairs a “court” of achievers, and even a divorce from the monarchical language altogether.

Comment contest: come up with a disparaging nickname for my new home!

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MosBen said...

For a very brief moment I thought you said "Indiana Jones does something right" and I was immediately forming a flame comment in my head.