October 18, 2005

Breaking News! Jack Thompson Is A Real Jerk!

Evidently Jack Thompson is striking back at the PA boys by trying to get the Seattle PD to harass them. I say harass because I'm not entirely sure what they could arrest Gabe or Tycho for, despite Thompson's assurances that they have committed "criminal harassment". Says Thompson, laughably, ""I look forward to working with your fine Police Department to shut this little extortion factory down and/or arrest some of its employees."

Like the article mentions, it's probably too early to hear anything from the PA guys, but I'll let you know when something developes. Amusingly, Thompson forgot the hyphen in the PA link, which used to take you to a porn site, though I think it's been shut down now.

Edit: Forgot the links.

"Been slept on, passed-over like in the Jewish tradition / Cast in cameos like I'm dressed in hand-me-downs"


jamie said...

"Thank Ya"-Jean Grae

Noumena said...

Some of the employees at PA? Isn't it just Gabe and Tycho?

Presumably Thompson wants more than one, and fewer than all. Are they going to chop one of the guys in half?

MosBen said...

I know of at least a third employee of Penny Arcade Inc., Robert, their business guy. He came in a few years ago after they almost accidentally sold Penny Arcade because they couldn't read contracts properly. I do think, however, that there might actually be more employees than just the three of them.