October 24, 2005


Trying to make the video thing less intrusive....

Edit: Ok, so I tried to post the video in the comments so it wouldn't load every time you come to the front page, but it won't accept those tags in the comments. Unless I can figure out some way to post it out of the front page, my current thinking is to post a video on the weekends and then delete the post Sunday night so it doesn't bother people at work.

Any thoughts?


Noumena said...

If you have a web page folder in your school's computer account, you could host it there and post a link here. Or, I could host it off my school account.

Joy said...

Really just leaving a post to define my "word verification" word:

kxoagou - pronounced "So go," phrase in Chinese used often in Seinfeld "I'm going!" "So go!" "I'm gone!" "So go already!"