October 24, 2005

Fitzmas Is Coming!

Shakespeare's Sister does a nice job of tying together some stories on the upcoming Fitzmas excitement.

Really, this post is just an excuse to remind you all that you've got a couple days left to enter the Fitzmas music contest. Lots of points up for grabs here.

Also, anybody catch last night's West Wing? Any thoughts?

"You're out of the woods / You're out of the dark / You're out of the night / Step into the sun, step into the light"


Dan Brottman said...

"Optimsitic Voices" - The Wizard of Oz

Dan Brottman said...

I think there should be a new rule for the blog. I think every time you post a comment you should post the "Word Verfication" jumble of letters if it can be in some manner a real word, and give a made-up definition for it.

For instance:

Leojjr, meaning, "The time-honored scandavian sport of Lion-jumping"

Jason said...

Optimistic Voices-Wizard of Oz-I thik that the Scarecrow sings it.

Toby is so fucked. They are realy taking the old charactes out in a blaze of glory. I really liked how they showed how pissed Bartlett was, but I think that deep down he is disappointed, not only in Toby but himself for not sending the military spaceship up there himself. It is funny though because obviously Toby and Bartlett "make up." In the first episode of the season they had that scene which takes place three years in the future and Toby was there and there was no mention of any jail time.

Jenna said...

Dan, that is an excellent idea!

MosBen said...

I don't think it's practical to do Dan's suggestion for every comment, but I do like it as a weekly event, possibly a contest. So I think I'll give you 15 points for the idea Dan, as it seems on par with a really cool link.

Jay, I'm going to avoid talking about West Wing too much because I want other people to get in on it, but this episode struck me as having a lot to do with the Rove/Plame stuff that's going on.